Rain Bird ET25-50S2 Drip Irrigation Pressure Compensating 1/4″ Emitter Tubing, 12″ Emitter Spacing, 50′ Roll, Brown


About this item

  • Works like soaker hose only better because it doesn’t clog and requires no maintenance
  • Pressure-compensating emitters water plants evenly from beginning to end of tubing throughout the planting area
  • Emitters feature two outlet holes, one on either side of tubing (180° apart)
  • Built-in 0.8 gallon per hour emitters spaced 12″ apart
  • Unique Micro-Porous construction creates an ultra-tight connection
  • Attach to 1/2″ Drip tubing with 1/4″ barbed fittings; compatible with most 1/4″ fittings
  • Tubing specifications: outside diameter 0.25″, inside diameter 0.17″, wall thickness 0.04”
  • Operating pressure 8.5 to 60 psi


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